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Superior Rust-Free Pellet

Superior Rust-Free Pellet

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Product Highlights:

  • Iron-Fighting Formula: Specially designed for areas with high iron content in water.
  • Rust Prevention: Prevents rust discoloration on tubs, toilets, sinks, dishes, and cookware.
  • Efficient Design: Pillow-shaped pellets prevent mushing, bridging, and channeling in the brine tank.
  • Resin Bed Cleanliness: Improves the cleanliness of the resin bed, leading to reduced operating costs.
  • Quality Assurance: Certified to NSF/ANSI 60 standards for use in water softeners.


  • Protects Appliances: Helps extend the life of water-using appliances by preventing rust and scale buildup.
  • Enhanced Water Quality: Provides clearer, taste-improved water by removing excess iron and impurities.
  • Easy Maintenance: The formula includes a cleaning agent, reducing the need for additional water softener cleaners.
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